Discover a creative transformational experience that's on a totally new level.

Compose, sing and record a song in a day.

Are you looking for a truly unique, memorable experience for your team that will not only provide an incredible learning environment but also boosts their creativity, problem-solving skills, and team cohesion?

Why 'Song in a day'? It's 100% Inclusive.

Everyone has a favourite song. Everyone ‘gets’ the emotional and creative elements behind songs. Music and singing is a global, human activity.

We are providing a taste of what it is like to work in a creative environment with people who do this for a living - and learn how they get consistent, great results.

There's a science behind it

The act of performing music, singing together and being involved in music as a team has been proven to have so many benefits. After singing, it is shown that participants are refreshed, less stressed and develop a sense of bonding.



Elton John

"“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours"