We are a small core team with a wide range of associates and partners that help us deliver the transformation experiences our clients expect.



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Pete Blyth | Musical & Creative Direction

Composing professionally for over 15 years in television and advertising, Pete is no stranger to rapid deadlines on high-pressure projects. He develops creative ideas that will have an incredible impact, whilst maintaining the need for commercial realism and tight deadlines. His latest project has been working on the Hugo Boss 2018 summer advertising campaign.

Pete will be your team’s creative guide through the musical journey - helping them gain creative focus, confidence and showing them what it takes to be at your creative best.

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Adam Clark | Creativity & Innovation Training

With over 25 years in the world of advertising, marketing and digital development, Adam set up his marketing agency in 2001 and has been running inspirational training for companies on the subject of creativity, innovation, disruption and collaboration since 2010.

Also a musician, he recognised the scientific evidence behind the connectivity of music. Throughout the day, Adam will be sharing the theories and practical tools that leading organisations use to innovate, problem-solve and generate new ideas in order to stay ahead of their industries.

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Nicole Gill | Vocal Coach

Nicole is a UK based professional vocalist and vocal coach. Due to the diverse singing styles and busy schedule of her band, it’s a necessity for Nicole to keep on top of her vocal technique, meaning she practices what she preaches!

Nicole also coaches people who have suffered vocal trauma. So, she is used to building people’s confidence and singing capability - with all levels of ability. She brings her passion to the training day - working with your team to get the very best results possible, and having the most fun and rewarding experience.

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White Wolf Films | Video Production & Photography

Working with music labels, brands and businesses, White Wolf produce engaging content including music videos, fashion films, short films and other creative online content.

They have worked with some of the biggest names (such as Michael Ball, Alfie Boe and Gregory Porter) in high-pressure creative environments and your team will have the experience of being filmed and interviewed by a senior member of this incredibly talented team.